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Shorin-Ryu A Mixed Martial art.

Over 800 years ago the Okinawans Mixed Martial Arts

Shorin-ryu, a mixture of Okinawan Tode and Chinese Kungfu

Okinawa due to its location between Japan and China was an ideal trading post bewtween the two countries. Due to trading issues Japanese businesses couldn't deal directly with the Chinese, so to import their products, Okinawa became a major trading point and middle man between the two countries. The Chinese and the Okinawans also shared their fighting arts.

The Okinawans utilized a native Okinawan fighting art known as Tode. As trade grew between the Okinawans and the Chinese they began to share their martial art techniques, mixing martial arts, the Kungfu with the Tode art.

Tode was utilized by the Kingdoms warrior class (similar to the Samurai) and the Kings bodyguards, as time went on the the techniques were refined into Okinawan Shorin-ryu.

Due to the mixed martial arts of Kungfu and the Tode we have grabs, throws, strikes and blocks of various kinds. We do not train to go to the ground, instead we train to stay on our feet. We are always defensive never acting in an offensive manner.

Our programs are designed for complete beginners to experienced martial artist - All age groups, genders, skill levels, and fitness levels are welcome. Over 45 years of martial arts training and experience has gone into developing our programs.

You are encouraged to join us, and experience the difference for yourself. We know that our orthodox method of training through kata and body conditioning isn't for everyone, it is truly hard work, try us free for a one hour class. Should you decide to join you will learn the martial art of Okinawan Shorin-Ryu in the same manner as it has always been taught in Okinawa.

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