Karate school of Virginia Beach, Va


Glenn, Black belt

I began my study of karate over 25 years ago. I was there for a few years and then took a 20 year break. I have been back for the past five years. Karate provides a total body workout like no other form of exercise.

The instruction at OBI is unbelievable. Having studied at two other schools before finding OBI, I appreciate their commitment to teaching karate the way it was intended.

Chris Marrow

My experience at OBI began when I was 18 years old (I'm now 56). The things I learned turned out to be "life-lessons" that have enriched my life for many years. And the friendships .. the family ... There's so much more than meets the eye.

Sean Schroeder

I have been a student of OBI Karate since I was 7 years. Though I didn't stay long at that young age. I returned a few years latter and have continued with my training.  Sensei Noel Smith focuses on the same traditional concepts that he learned in Okinawa while training under Sensei Nagazato.  Through the training program the students learn  control, timing, self defense and it provides a great physical work.

I highly recommend OBI Karate school


I just started at OBI Karate school, I am 11 years old. I recently earned my gold belt, I am working on my fourth Kata. OBI provides a good work out and teaches you hand eye coordination. The instructors teach you the movements and encourages correct techniques, the students get to learn at their own pace. I would recommend OBI Karate to anyone who is interested in learning Karate.

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