Kata training is the heart of karate

It is through repetition that we perfect all that we do. The carpenter , the more he builds the better his craft and workmanship becomes.  The same is true with karate.

Kata, according to Sensei Noel Smith, are designed in such a way to develop short and long movements that have speed strength and balance. And the only way to develop this is through repetition and practice of Kata.

Those who have never taking the time to study and understand Kata are quick to point out that kata is only punching air or think of it as dance movements.

In today's society, people want instant gratification. They believe martial arts should be learned quickly that black belt should be given within a short period of time. To learn true karate one must practice in this practice requires an action that most are unwilling to invest in. This action can be summed up in one word that quite frankly scares most people, that word is repetition.

Kata must be practiced over and over and over again. The practitoner must apply Corrections make the Kata quicker stronger while keeping balance. This is a skill that builds mental Clarity and physical strength however most people are unwilling to invest the time. Therefore, they make excuses and call Kata irrelevant and an ineffective  training tool.

Sensei Noel Smith is fond of saying those who have never been top the true concepts of kata cannot teach Kata