1% of martial art schools teach as originally intended

In my area, there are about 120 Martial art schools in Virginia Beach, of these schools I estimate that less than 1 percent actually teach martial arts in the manner that it was intended to be taught.

What is meant by "Martial arts taught in the manner it was intended?"  Most schools, 99% of them by my count, teach their students forms.  These forms are taught without substance.  They teach their students to simply be aggressive, offensive techniques.  

It is said that Karate is Kata, Kata is karate. 99% of schools simply teach kata as a shorinkan, shorin-ryu, okinawan karate, Sensei Chōshin Chibanaperformance, a dance of sorts.  Karate was taught to a small handful of Americans, usually soldiers.  These soldiers where the subtle movements, meanings and techniques of kata.  When they began teaching in the U.S. these concepts where taught to their students, as time went on and the students became teachers the subtle techniques begain to be lost, eventually leaving only meaningless movements.  

What is left if the original intent has been lost, if the original intent has been lost what then do they teach their students?  They fill the gaps by teaching fast kata, point sparring, offensive techniques ignoring defensive techniques. Again this lack of defensive techniques is due in large part of the distance between instructors and the head of the system or style.

Seek out the small traditional dojo, the one percenter, this dojo will not look like the majority of dojos.

In Hampton roads, Virginia beach & Norfolk, the dojo you are seeking is OBI Karate School we have been teaching Shorin-ryu Karate since 1968.  Our instructor, Noel Smith, was taught directly by Sensei Shugoro Nakazato, he is well versed in the subtle movements & techniques that make Karate what it truley should be.

Our style originates from Shuri-te, that Sensei Choshin Chiban ( Pictured above ) renamed the styel to Shorin-ryu and his student Sense Shuguro Nakazato created the Shorinkan association to maintain the teachings of Sense Chiban. Sense Chibana said that we learn karate by learning Kata, kata is Karate. We don't change kata.
Learn more here: Chōshin Chibana


To reach OBI Karate call 757-499-4474  or email us at obibudo@gmail.com