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The Genealogy of Karate & that of Shorin-ryu ( Shuri-te )

What makes Okinawan Karate, martial arts, unique is not just the system but the history behind it.  More specifically how it developed over centuries from Okinawan Te to Shorin-ryu as taught in Shorinkan.

At our Dojo we have this Genealogy chart hanging on our wall.

Though those of us who practice and study Shorin-ryu trace our roots to Shuri-te on this chart, it goes back even further past Shuri-te to Okinawan Te.  The period beginning with Shori-Te was the beginning of the blending of Chinese Kempo ( Kungufu ) with Okinawan Te.  We choose to use the word 'Blending' becuase the Okinawans barrowed from the Chinese but went beyond mixing the idea, they incorporated the idea, blending it in to meet the logic of the Okinawan art.  While Chinese arts are very long, round and pretty the Okinawan system is short, direct and as Sensei Shugoro Nakazato said once to Sensei Smith, it is not 'pretty'. 

Karate Geneaolgy chart ( Shorin-ryu )


We can trace our lineage back to  S. Matumura in 1750 (Shuri-te) -> A. Itosu (1820) -> C. Chibana (Syorin-ryu "shorin-ryu") 1876 -> to S. Nakazato

 The actual Genealogy chart that hanges on our wall:

Shorin-ryu Karate Genealogy chart