Saturday Morning Kobudo. Shorin-ryu BO Kata

Okinawan Kobudo

Many people have heard the word Karate, it was made a household word in the 60's when the U.S. Gi's brought back to the U.S. a martial art called Karate.  Now the word has become a generic word for many open hand martial arts.  However, most have never heard the work Kobudo, Karate's brother.  Where Karate is the art of the 'Open Hand' Kobudo is the art of Weapon training.  Both compliment the other while both can exist without the other the Martial Artist who trains and studies both becomes more enlightened and gains a deeper understanding in both Karate and Kobudo.

Most of the Okinawan weaons are based on simple farm tools, the manipulation techniques taught withthese tools can be applied to modern objects. 

Saturday Morning Kobudo "Weapon" Training

Reviewing Yamane No Bo Sakugawa No Kon the 3rd Bo kata in Shorin-ryu Shorinkan's curriculum. The goal is not to just run through the moves, it is to learn to move with the weapon, in this case the Bo, to allow the weapon the flow naturally.  It is easy to spend an hour on simply a few moves.