Tadashi Yamashita Virginia Beach Training Seminar

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Kyoshi Noel Smith
a Karate instructor in Virignia Beach for over 50 years and one of Sensei Shugoro Nakazatos students from the 60's has been asked by local Martial Artist Ron Smith and Montez Dennis to help get the word out about his class mate and friend Sensie Tadashi Yamashita.  

Sensei Yamashita has been described by Noel Smith as the fastest karate man you'll ever see, and not only is he fast he is percise!  If you want to learn how to develop speed and precision there is no one better to learn it from then Sensei Yamashita!

The ideas and concepts that he will be teaching can be seen on the YouTube channel "The Best of Tadashi Yamashita". 





On this channel you will some exciting eamples of what you will experience at the upcoming Yamashita self-defense and fighting seminar.  You'll not only learn the basic techniques of fighting that are common to all eastern martial arts but you will be able to use those in defending yoursel and applying them in practical street fighting that you learn in classic karate and modern mixed martial arts.

Sensei Yamashita, will be in town for only one day, December 1, 2018 to teach his concept.  Sensei Ron Smith says that he likens his system to flowing water.  Sensei Noel Smith has said that what appears to be a single movement he can strike his apponent numerous times!  

If you are a serious martial artist, this one day semiar is for you. It is open to all those who have an interest in martial arts or self-defense, regardless of your experience!

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