Karate , martial arts and mixed martial arts

Over the years we receive phone calls, emails and have even had people come by the school seeking training. For almost 50 years we have advertised as a karate school.  But inevitably we get calls seeking martial art training.  Usually the person asking the question is surprised to find that Karate is martial arts and that it is by its very nature a mixed martial art.  

Let me explain:

I believe that there is a general misunderstanding in the general public due to UFC tv matches, youtube and the like.

 Karate is not only a martial art it is also a mixed martial art, it is a fighting system that utilizes strikes delivered through punches, elbows, knees, kicks as well as a heavy focus on defense via blocks, it also includes grabs and throws.  The tools in karate have been included ( some say barrowed ) over hundreds of years from various other fighting systems like Kungfu ( white crane, Shaolin, etc)  and combined with the indigenous fighting arts of Okinawa. This mixing of the martial arts in Okinawa, would eventually develop into Karate. These systems require that student retrain their bodies in order to position their body parts to attain balance & a strong foindation. The concern is on quickness, limited movement with effective and devestating results. Lastly, karate traches the practitioner to stay on their feet and not to go to the ground.

Today the general public has the view that karate is for kids, a day care environment of fun and running around. This view is due to the number of shopping center dojos that focus almost exclusivley on birthdays, after school programs such as ninja kids etc.  This has had the effect of watering down what and how they teach.  In todays society parents get upset if you tell little Johnny that he isn't trying as hard as he should.  Karate was designed when not everyone earned a participation trophy, these schools have to pay a lot in rent and therefore they must have a large number of kids to support the school. 

Now we have Mixed martial art schools, very few of them have kid programs or even allow little kids to train. The owner of the school generally has dabbled in 2 or 3 different systems and has taken it upon himself to create a school.  Most of these schools focus on basic boxing, kicking and their altimate goal is to go to the grown for a tap out via arm bars.  For sport programs like UFC this is great, but in reality why would anyone want to go to the ground when defending themselves? 

If you are searching for self-defense or find a strong traditional karate school in your area. Shorinkan schools are all over the United States and we all stand ready to talk to you.