Greens Martial arts, 2017 Winter Camp

This is Kyoshi Clint Greens 25th annual Karate and Kobudo winter camp.
In Hampton Virginia.

March 2, 2017 through March 5, 2017

Hanshi Doug Perry, 9th Dan 
Kyoshi CD Williamson, 8th Dan
Kyoshi Noel Smith, 8th Dan 
Kyoshi Pat Haley, 8th Dan 
Kyoshi Chris Estes, 8th Dan
Kyoshi Eb Welch, 8th Dan 
Kyoshi Jerry Taylor, 8th Dan 
Kyoshi John Carria, 8th Dan
Kyoshi Sean Riley, 8th Dan 
Kyoshi Jason Perry, 7th Dan 
Kyoshi Chuck Harris, 7th Dan
Kyoshi John Payton, 7th Dan
Kyoshi David Ahrens, 7th Dan 
Kyoshi Troy Price, 7th Dan 
Kyoshi Tom Harris, 7th Dan
Kyoshi Charles Dean, 7th Dan 
Kyoshi Paul Cote, 7th Dan

And any other Kyoshi who can make camp and Renshi who are regular camp attendees.
The instructors are listed in no particular order except for Hanshi Perry and Kyoshi Williamson.