OBI Karate School of Virginia

Looking for a place to learn martial arts in Virignia Beach? OBI Karate school of Virginia Beach is your dojo for true tradtional martial art training. Shorin-ryu is about 370 years old, however the system it is from is over 350 years old, about 350 years about the Okinawans began mixing their system of fighting with those from China. Now, Shorin-ryu is probably not only the oldest,but the original Mixed Martial art.

Our school, OBI Karate school was established in 1968 by Sensei Noel Smith and has been teaching Kobayashi-Te Shorin-Ryu in the same manner he learned it from Sensei Shugoro Nakazato. We have been a member dojo of the Shorin-ryu Shorinkan assoication since the first day the organization came to light. We were also the first Dojo to join.

So, if you are seeking true, traditional karate for self defense, self development then you owe it to yourself to vist us. 5465 #d Virginia Beach Blvd. Virginia beach, Va. 23462 757-499-4474

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"description": "Martial art school, teaching the Original Mixed Martial art.",
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"openingHours": "Mo, We, Fr 17:30-20:00 Sa 11:00-12:30",
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"telephone": "757-499-4474",
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