Kata training the heart of Karate - if you aren't learning Kata you need to ask why


The heart of Karate is the kata. In Shorin-ryu under the Shorinkan association there are 15 kata.  These kata teach all aspects of fighting, they are the encyclopedia of karate.  Kata trains the body to be Quick, there is a distinction between "fast" and "quick". It also develops strength and balance.  

There are only a handful of schools in California who can effectively teach Kata.  To find the nearest school to you in California contact:

Senior Kyoshi Noel Smith (8th dan)  
757-499-4474 or email obibudo@gmail.com
OBI Karate School  
5465 #D Virginia beach Blvd.
Virginia beach, va. 23462  

When seeking a martial art school if they don't teach kata ask why.  Those who don't teach generally dismiss it as punching air or call it dance, these 'martial artist' have never taken the time to learn what it means to study martial arts.   In California you can contact Kyoshi Noel Smith he can put you in contact with a Shorinkan Dojo nearest you.