Martial arts in Virginia beach, Hampton roads

Martial art schools in Virginia are a dime a dozen. There are very few that teach the art, and the original intent of what Martial arts are. Most schools are only interested in trophies and competition, most schools have decided to go the route of "sport" or exhibition karate that is more like gymnastics.

Karate, has taken a blow in resent years due, in part to franchise type "martial art schools" that are found in the majority of shopping centers. Their focs is producing black belts, these schools have test every 6 months or even every 3 months. They have with,the help of several martial art marketing companies , monetized karate in such away that they have watered it down.

Not all schools are the same!  At OBI Karate School we pride ourselves on the fact that we haven't changed with the times.  We are still teaching martial arts the way it was intended to be taught, and for the purposes it was intended for. Its purpose is not point karate, or go to the ground karate for a tap out. It is to survive an attack and walk way, yes the results can be messy, there are no rules like in the arena.

If, you are seeking true martial art training, seek us out.

We have over 48 years of experience in teaching.

OBI Karate School 5465 #D Virginia Beach blvd.
Virginia Beach, Va. 23462

The premier Martial Art School in Virginia Beach, VA

The premier Martial Art School in Virginia Beach, VA

Martial arts for teens and adults taught in the manner martial arts where intended to be taught