United States Shorin-ryu Shorinkan Martial art dojos


This book mark takes you to the state by state directory of Shorinkan Dojos in the United states.  These martial art schools teach Shorin-ryu under the Shorin-ryu Shorinkan association.  The core curriculum of the style is:

Open hand ( Karate ) 

Kata, we have 15 kata or forms
3 Kihon
Yakusoku Kumite

Kumite ( sparring )

Weapons ( Kubodo )

There are 6 weapons in the system, all the weapons are derived from tools found on the farms in Okinawa .  In total there are 13 kata for all the weapons.  In addition there are weapon on weapon drills. 

Our weapons consist of these weapons & the number of Kata for each.

  • BO   (4)
  • Nunchucku (2)
  • Tonfa (1)
  • Kama (1)
  • Sai (3)
  • Eku (2)

Up until recently there was no Kubodo rank, kobudo was part of the Shorin-ryu curriculum.  However, many years ago, kobudo was broken out of the core curriculum and now we have shorin-ryu Shorinkan members with one rank for Karate and another for Kobudo. 

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"name": "Martial Art training Virginia beach",
"description": "Open hand and traditional Okinawan Karate. We have been teaching for nearly 50 years. Always in the way it was intended for self protection and personal development. Traditional Okinawan Shorin-ryu",
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"name": "Okinawan Budo Institute - Virginia beach, Va.",
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United States Shorin-ryu

United States Shorin-ryu

Shorin-ryu Dojos in the United States teaching under the Shorinkan style