OBI School Patch and Logo

This is the OBI Karate School of Virginia beach's school patch. 

In the center is the Old Okinawan Ryukyu Kingdom flag, called the Hidari Gomon ( three comas ), it is inside the New Okinawan flag, symbolizing that even though Japan controls the island the heart of its people is still Okinawan.
The Kanji on the bottom of the new FLag is "SHORIN-RYU"
In the top left is OBI ( Okinawan Budo Institute) the name of our school
and on bottom in English is the Word Kobayashi-Te the type of Shorin-ryu that we study.
Shorin-ryu can be divided into the following branches of Shorin-ryu:

  1. Kobayashi-Ryu (Chosin Chibana) 
    1. We teach Sensei Chosin Chibana's system of Shorin-ryu
  2. Matsubayashi-Ryu (Shoshin Nagamine)
  3. Shobayashi-Ryu (Chotoku Kyan)