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  • Shorinkan 703 days ago

    Virginia Beach Shorin-ryu Karate & Martial arts

    O.B.I Karate School of Virginia Beach has been teaching self-defense "real world" martial arts for 50 years.  Our curriculum is based on Kata and one-on-one drills.  It is not for the faint of heart, or for those who do not want to sweat or work hard.  
    If you have what it takes to train with us, to push yourself you are invited to take a free introductory class to see first had what we are all about.

    We have been teaching only Okinawan Shorin-ryu (Kobayashi-te) under the Shorinkan association.

    Call or email us to schedule your free introdcutory class

    5465 #D virginia beach blvd.
    Virginia beach, Va. 23462
  • Shorinkan 703 days ago

    Age isn't a factor

    You are never too old to begin your journey in the martial arts

    Virginia Beach Martial art school

    People have many reasons to take up Karate, it isn't just for self-defense. Karate is a great exercise. It works every muscle group in your body, develops coordination & strength too!
    Other take up karate to increase their focus & impulse control as well while another group wants to do all the above and learn to defend themselves.

    So,regardless of your age and current level of fitness you can start learning Karate today.

    Call or Email O.B.I Karate school to schedule a free introductory class. This class lasts about 30 to 45 minutes, and go over the basics of our system. Allowing you to see, feel and do some ofwhat our full time students do.
    Phone: 757-499-4474


Okinawan Shorin-ryu karate student and instructor