United States Shorinkan Lineage Chart (Original 7 )

Lineage chart Shorin-ryu Shorinkan of the original 7 black belts that came back to the USA from Sensei Shuguro Nakazato.

All Kyoshis listed on the attached lineage chart are 7th Dan in Shorin-ryu Shorinkan, they are listed under the instructor from whom they received their 7th Dan from.

It is import that we understand our martial art lineage, and the importance that it has on our training.   Shorin-ryu can trace its root back over 400 yeras ago to the  original fighting arts of the Okinawans.  Over time, this art blended, absorbed, made ideas from Chinese kenpo it's own.  This wen far beyond simply mixing.  These for fathers of Shorin-ryu are our lineage all the way to the leaders of Shorinkan today.  In these early times the fighting art was simply called Te, eventually the cities name where it was practiced was prepended to Te such as Naha-te, Shuri-te etc. 

Early Practicioners who have passed the art down, are:

  • Takahara Peichin
  • Kusanku
  • Tode Sakagawa
  • Soken "Bushi" Matsumura
  • Yasutsune "Anko" Itosu
  • Chosin Chibana
  • Shugoro Nakazato
  • Noel Smith
  • Eddie Bethea

This is our lineage as Okinawan Shorin-ryu Shorinkan students


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