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New York, USA Shorinkan Karate Dojo

New York, USA Shorinkan Karate Dojo

Owner: Sean Schroeder

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Shorin-ryu Shorinkan Dojos in New York

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New York Shorin-ryu Shorinkan Karate

Shorin-ryu Karate schools and information in New York.

There are many Shorinkan Dojos who are located in the state New York USA.  These Dojos teach Shorin-ryu karate as it was handed down by Sensei Shugoro Nakazato.

Shorin-ryu Shorinkan is deep in Okinawan tradition, come visit any of the Shorinkan member dojos.


New York Shorinkan Shorin-ryu | Nakazato SenseiNew York Shorinkan Shorin-ryu Nakazato Sensei

Find a Shorin-ryu Shorinkan Dojo Near you

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Are you searching for a Shorin-ryu Shorinkan karate dojo in New York, USA, contact Senior Kyoshi Noel Smith at 757-499-4474?", "address": { "@type": "PostalAddress", "streetAddress": "5465 #D Virginia Beach Blvd ", "addressLocality": "Virginia Beach", "addressRegion": "Virginia", "postalCode": "23462", "addressCountry": "United states" }, "geo": { "@type": "GeoCoordinates", "latitude": "36.8507062", "longitude": "-76.1729296" }, "hasMap": "https://www.google.com/maps/place/OBI+Karate+School+of+Virginia+Beach/@36.8507062,-76.1729296,17z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x92ecc071e5100b2c!8m2!3d36.8507062!4d-76.1707409", "openingHours": "Mo, We, Fr 18:00-20:30 Sa 10:30-12:30", "contactPoint": { "@type": "ContactPoint", "telephone": "+1(757)499-4474", "contactType": "phone" } } // ]]> // <![CDATA[ { "@context": "http://www.schema.org", "@type": "Organization", "name": "SHORINKAN ASSOCIATION", "url": "http://obikarateschool.com/social/pages/view/60/shorinkan-original-7-instructors-and-their-7th-dan-kyoshis-lineage-chart", "logo": "http://www.obikarateschool.com/images/Shorin-RyuPATCH.png", "image": "http://obikarateschool.com/offers/images/attributes/hidarigomon.jpg", "description": "SHORINKAN SHORIN-RYU KARATE VIRGINIA BEACH SINCE 1968. SENIOR KYOSHI NOEL SMITH, 8TH DAN NORTH AMERICA", "address": { "@type": "PostalAddress", "streetAddress": "5465 #D Virginia Beach Blvd ", "addressLocality": "Virginia Beach", "addressRegion": "Virginia", "postalCode": "23462", "addressCountry": "United states" }, "geo": { "@type": "GeoCoordinates", "latitude": "36.8507062", "longitude": "-76.1729296" }, "hasMap": "https://www.google.com/maps/place/OBI+Karate+School+of+Virginia+Beach/@36.8507062,-76.1729296,17z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x92ecc071e5100b2c!8m2!3d36.8507062!4d-76.1707409", "contactPoint": { "@type": "ContactPoint", "telephone": "+1(757)499-4474", "contactType": "phone" } } // ]]> // <![CDATA[ { "@context": "http://www.schema.org", "@type": "person", "name": "Noel Smith", "jobTitle": "Kyoshi 8th Dan Shorinkan - Dojo Owner", "url": "http://obikarateschool.com/social/pages/view/53/kyoshi-noel-smith-shorin-ryu-shorinkan-united-states-keep", "address": { "@type": "PostalAddress", "streetAddress": "5465 #D Virginia Beach Blvd ", "addressLocality": "Virginia Beach", "addressRegion": "Virginia", "postalCode": "23462", "addressCountry": "United states" }, "email": "obibudo@gmail.com", "telephone": "+1(757)499-4474" } // ]]> // <![CDATA[ {   "@context": "http://schema.org",   "@type": "Product",   "description": "Shorinkan Shorin-ryu Association, the premier Okinawan Shorin-ryu ( Kobayashi-te) martial art for self-defense. Developed by the best hand to hand fighters in the world, this system is a true Mixed Martial art. In the 1300's the Okinawans started to combine their fighting system with elements of Shaolin Kungfu, the name Shorin-ryu pays tribute to this fact. Shorin-ryu utilizes the hands, feet, elbows, and knees for strikes, it also has throws and pressure point strikes.",   "image": "http://obikarateschool.com/offers/images/attributes/hidarigomon.jpg", "name": "Shorinkan rating",   "aggregateRating": {     "@type": "AggregateRating",     "ratingValue": "5",     "reviewCount": "11"   },   "review": [     {       "@type": "Review",       "author": "Andrew",       "datePublished": "2015-02-11",       "description": "My name is Andrew and I started Obi karate about a month ago . It is a great workout and is super fun. It teaches you so many different things about karate. I'm on my first kata . Obi karate does not just teach you karate, it teaches you respect and discipline. I am an eleven year old white belt and I love Obi karate. You can also find my review on YELP Too!",       "name": "Lots of Fun",       "reviewRating": {         "@type": "Rating",         "bestRating": "5",         "ratingValue": "5",         "worstRating": "5"       }     },     {       "@type": "Review",       "author": "Ethan",       "datePublished": "2014-03-25",       "description": "What I like about this school is that the focus isn't on producing black belts, but instead teaching karate in a sensible and logical manner. Shorinkan schools always say 'We teach and train for quality not quantity. We train for real life and not for competition..'",       "name": "A life long student",       "reviewRating": {         "@type": "Rating",         "bestRating": "5",         "ratingValue": "5",         "worstRating": "5"       }     }   ] } // ]]>

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