Virginia Beach Martial Art school

 Virginia Beach Martial art school

Are you looking for a great place to study martial arts in Virginia Beach? You'll want a school with the knowledge and experience to teach you the art of self-defense. There's only one school in Virginia Beach that has been teaching the martial art, of Shorin-ryu karate, for nearly 50 years.

Okinawan budo Institute of Virginia Beach is your premier martial art karate school in Virginia beach. Our Focus is not to teach you to do gymnastics that look like something out of the movies, nor is our Focus to develop a demo team. Our only goal is to teach Karate in the manner it was intended, for the purpose it was intended for. This focus allows us to develop students to be strong-minded self-confident individuals who can defend themselves.

We have been teaching only Okinawan shorin-ryu karate, this is not a hybrid or made up system is roots go back as far as 350+ years and what we teach was developed in battle for the Bodyguards of the Old Kingdom in Okinawa.

When learning self-defense there's no easy way, it requires dedication and perseverance but this is true with anything is worth attaining.

If you are truly interested in learning the art of self-defense you're welcome to visit us or call.


OBI Karate School of Virginia