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O.B.I. Martial arts school Virginia Beach, Va

Shorin-ryu Martial art, An original Mixed Martial art, in the United States

Welcome to Hampton roads premier Shorin-ryu dojo, located in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  We are the areas top traditional Okinawan karate school focused on teaching and maintaining the traditional way of training. Sense Noel Smith, ranked under Shorinkan Shorin-ryu as an 8th Dan is one of the senior Kyoshis in North America.  His moto is "We teach Karate in the manner it was intended, and for the purpose it was intended." 

What we offer to anyone seeking to learn traditional Okinawan Shorin-ryu goes beyond learning self defense skills, you will develop impulse control, self-control you will begin to lose weight, and strengthen your body, gain flexibility and much more.  Shorin-ryu develops skills that follow you outside the dojo, from the way you will begin to carry yourself, your self-esteem and self-worth will be evident. Your ability wait for the right moment to say or do something, impulse control, will also become more evident. 

What we offer is what most schools are unable to offer, we don't have expensive annual or multi-annual contracts that promise rank.  While many schools claim to be fun, we are serious about our training.  Our goal is to train the mind, body and spirit through what we believe is the best approach using Kata & sparring. This system of training is hundreds of years old and is designed to reduce injury to the students.  

With close to 50 years teaching Okinawan Shorin-ryu in Hampton roads we have  a long history teaching traditional Martial arts as it was intended to be taught for the purpose it was developed; to protect yourself, or others, from harm.




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  • Shorinkan 699 days ago


    Jenna Corbin

    I can't say enough about how this Karate school has helped my son find a safe place of belonging as he grows and learns self discipline, self confidence, etc. I am very impressed. Everyone here is so patient , kind an giving of thier time . Especially Sensei Sean who uses his own personal training slot to work one on one with my son [ Noah ].


Okinawan Shorin-ryu karate student and instructor