Noah Legel

Brief description: Shorin-Ryu Shorinkan, Nidan under Richard Poage (Renshi, Godan). KishimotoDi under Ulf Karlsson (Shihan)
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Twitter username: nmlegel

About me

I am originally from central Illinois, and began training in karate in 2006. Within a few months, I was also practicing judo, kobudo and iaijutsu, as well as assisting new students with their basics. After training for two years in Illinois, I moved to Arizona, where I continued my study of karate at home, while training in judo at a local club. In 2010, I began training in Shorin-Ryu Shorinkan with Sensei Richard Poage, and have been training and teaching at Peaceful Warrior Martial Arts & Healing Center ever since. My primary focus is kata oyo bunkai (analysis of the practical applications of solo forms) for self-defense training, and I regularly enjoy cross-training with martial artists from other styles. In addition to my Shorin-Ryu Shorinkan study, I began studying KishimotoDi (a rare style of Shuri-Te) under Ulf Karlsson Sensei in 2014, and have become the first American to teach it.