Sean Schroeder

Brief description: I have been studying under Under Kyoshi Noel Smith since 2009, I started with him in 1974. In fact Shorin-ryu is the only system I have studied. Full time real estate agent, technology enthusiast
Telephone: 757-499-4474
Mobile phone: 757-839-3954
Twitter username: seanschroeder

About me

I have been studying Okinwawan Shorin-ryu "Kobayashi-te" under Sensei Noel Smith ( 8th dan ) on a regular basis since 2009, after taking a 'break' in the 1996 when I got married.  In Sensei Smiths dojo we study both Karate and Kobudo ( Open hand and Weapons ) the system is incomplete without the two.  

We offer two classes durring the week days,  Juniors and Seniors.  The junior classes are for pre-teens to aprox 14 year old students, it is these students that I teach basic kata, kihon and the core components of Shorin-ryu.  I also have a focus on children with ADHD.