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  • Okinawan Culture

    Okinawan Culture

    Okinawan karate, the progenitor of martial arts This group is dedicated to all aspects of Okinawan Karate, Martial arts and Kobudo including Okinawan culture and history as it plays a very vital role in what is Okinawan Karate. Members of the site are free to add blog posts, pages, files, book ...

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  • Okinawan Karate & Martial arts

    Welcome to the Okinawan karate page.This page contains many assets, resources regarding Okinawa Karate 

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  • Virginia Beach Martial art school

    O.B.I. Martial arts school Virginia Beach, Va Shorin-ryu Martial art, An original Mixed Martial art, in the United States Welcome to Hampton roads premier Shorin-ryu dojo, located in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  We are the areas top traditional Okinawan karate school focused on teaching an...

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