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  • Okinawan Martial arts is both Karate & Kobudo

    Okinawan Martial arts is both Open Hand ( Karate ) and Weapons ( Kobudo) Unlike most martial arts, japanese karate-do and Korean arts, Okinawan Karate sAt ystems like Shorin-ryu combine both open hand and weapons in to one system.  At the start of the Karateka's journey at OBI Karate schoo...

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  • Saturday Morning Kobudo. Shorin-ryu BO Kata

    Okinawan Kobudo Many people have heard the word Karate, it was made a household word in the 60's when the U.S. Gi's brought back to the U.S. a martial art called Karate.  Now the word has become a generic word for many open hand martial arts.  However, most have never heard the work Ko...

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