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  • Shorinkan

    About me: me.  My students have heard me many times utter the words "We teach Karate as it was intended to be taug...g and training with Sensei day and night, what I learned from him about Karate, the way of karate, the life...Brief description: Okinawan Shorin-ryu karate student and instructorInterests: Shorin-ryu KarateSkills: shorink-ryu Karate & KobudoWebsite:

    208 days ago

  • Sean Schroeder

    About me: ...Noel Smith ( 8th dan ) on a regular basis since 2009, after taking a 'break' in the 1996 when I got married.  In Sensei Smiths dojo we study both Karate and Kobudo ( Open hand and We...Interests: Karate - I only study one system (Shorin-ryu) under Kyoshi Noel Smith. OutdoorsSkills: teaching karate

    685 days ago

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  • Karate and Kobudo tonight at OBI Karate in Virginia beach.

    820 days ago

  • Shorin-ryu Shorinkan Dojos through out the United States. Shorin-ryu Karate #karate #shorinkan

    636 days ago

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  • Greens Winter camp 2017

    Sensei Greens annual winter camp is March 2-5, 2017 in Hampton Virginia The registration forms  For more information Visit Sensei Greens facebook page at    

    Tags: Okinawan Karate, winter camp 2017, shorin-ryu, karate, Hampton virginia

    851 days ago

  • Virginia Beach Martial arts - yes we teach Mixed martial arts

    We have been teaching a form of Martial arts that originated from Okinawa and is by some accounts over 400 years old.  The style is called Kobayashi-te or Shorin-ryu and it is a Mixed Martial art [MMA], actually it has gone far beyond a mixed martial art.  The ideas and concepts that or...

    Tags: shorin-ryu, shorinkan, shorinkan united states, shorinkan America, Virginia beach Martial arts, Mixed Martial Arts, MMA, Norfolk Virginia, Self defense, karate, taekwondo, tae kwon do, kung-fu

    740 days ago

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