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  • Greens Winter camp 2017

    Sensei Greens annual winter camp is March 2-5, 2017 in Hampton Virginia The registration forms  For more information Visit Sensei Greens facebook page at    

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  • Karate , martial arts and mixed martial arts

    Over the years we receive phone calls, emails and have even had people come by the school seeking training. For almost 50 years we have advertised as a karate school.  But inevitably we get calls seeking martial art training.  Usually the person asking the question is surprised to find ...

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  • Kata training is the heart of karate

    It is through repetition that we perfect all that we do. The carpenter , the more he builds the better his craft and workmanship becomes.  The same is true with karate. Kata, according to Sensei Noel Smith, are designed in such a way to develop short and long movements that have speed stren...

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  • Shorin-ryu Shorinkan karate Association in California

    Shōrin-ryū (少林流) received it name from Sensei Choshin Chibana in 1933 however, the system is much older.  In Okinawa Shorin-ryu is one of the major styles taught and has a world wide following.  The name Shorin-ryu pays respect to the Chinese arts that have enfluenced the system. &...

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  • Shorin-ryu Karate, what is it?

    Shorin-ryu Shorinkan Karate Understanding what Shorin-ryu is(work in progress ) Our style of Karate is called Okinawan Kobayashi, taught in North American Shorinkan Shorin-Ryu. Shorin-ryu dates back more than 370 years with its origins in Okinawan Tode.  The Okinwans and Chinese ...

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  • Shorin-ryu Shorinkan Association - Shugoro Nakazato Sensei

    Shugoro Nakazato Sensei Is the founder of the Okinawan Shorin-ryu Shorinkan Association whose head quarters are located in Naha Okinawa.  The association was started in the early 70's to bring Shorin-ryu ( Kobayashi-te ) to the world.  Sensei Nakato originally sent 7 of his black be...

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  • 1% of martial art schools teach as originally intended

    In my area, there are about 120 Martial art schools in Virginia Beach, of these schools I estimate that less than 1 percent actually teach martial arts in the manner that it was intended to be taught. What is meant by "Martial arts taught in the manner it was intended?"  Most schools, 99% o...

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  • Training is repetitive & requires persistent dedication

    In Karate training we strive to perfect our Kata, as this is how we improve our abilities, our skills, our focus, our timing and so much more. The study and pursuit to perfect that which can never be perfected is our goal.  We aim to perfect ourselves, but we are only human, and imperfe...

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  • Sensei Shugoro Nakazato

    This is a picture of Sensei Shugoro Nakazato at OBI Karate school durring one of the many trips he made to the school in the early 1970's.  This picture was taken in either 1972 or 1973.  We have made a full circle.  During those first few years, when the Shorin-ryu Shorinkan assoc...

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  • Shorinkan Dojos in Virignia

    the following are dojos in Virginia ( it is not a complete list ) OBI Karate SchoolKyoshi Noel Smith 8th Dan5465 #D Virginia beach, Va. 23462757-499-4474 Kyoshi Clint GreenGreens' martial artstodd's Lane Shops, 1816 Todds Ln, Hampton, VA 23666(757) 827-5425 Axsoms' Martial artsRenshi John...

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