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  • Karate , martial arts and mixed martial arts

    Over the years we receive phone calls, emails and have even had people come by the school seeking training. For almost 50 years we have advertised as a karate school.  But inevitably we get calls seeking martial art training.  Usually the person asking the question is surprised to find ...

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  • Shotokan to Shorinkan you can.

    There are many forms of karate, this small blog will focus on the Shotokan student who is unable to find a Shotokan dojo near him, he may be able to find a Shorinkan dojo instead.Shotokan was developed from, in large part, Shorin-ryu that originated from Okinawa. Shorin-ryu was modified to fit th...

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  • Welcome to the Ohio Shorin-ryu Shorinkan Group page

    The Ohio Shorin-ryu Shorinkan group page is made available to act as the primary hub for activities, training, camps and competitions for Shorinkan Karate in the state of Ohio, USA.On this group page, you can see blogs, pages and discussions written by dojo owners and other shorinkan Karateka. In...

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  • United State Shorin-ryu Shorinkan Dojos

    For list of dojos that teach shorin-ryu Shorinkan

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  • Kata training is the heart of karate

    It is through repetition that we perfect all that we do. The carpenter , the more he builds the better his craft and workmanship becomes.  The same is true with karate. Kata, according to Sensei Noel Smith, are designed in such a way to develop short and long movements that have speed stren...

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  • Shorin-ryu Shorinkan karate Association in California

    Shōrin-ryū (少林流) received it name from Sensei Choshin Chibana in 1933 however, the system is much older.  In Okinawa Shorin-ryu is one of the major styles taught and has a world wide following.  The name Shorin-ryu pays respect to the Chinese arts that have enfluenced the system. &...

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  • Interesting facts about Tang Soo Do

    Tang Soo Do is a popular sport martial art, the schools are found in nearly every state, every city and in almost every shopping center.   Tang so do's biggest claim to fame is their Olympic sports designation.  But did you know that Tang Soo Do is heavily enfluenced by other marti...

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  • 2017 Winter camp Kyoshi David Colaizzi

    Winter camp 2017 Hampton At our last winter camp, Kyoshi David got into a discussion with two young brown belts regarding what he calls the fundamentals focusing on energy and its transfer.

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  • Blocking and protecting your body what is too much.

    Shorin-ryu Shorinkan blocks are quick and very effective. When it comes to blocking or parrying an attack be it a punch, kick or other strike against you there is a point that the defending technique has gone to far, and like wise a point that it started too far away. Starting point of a a...

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  • #Shorinkan and #shorinkanShorinryu

    You probably found this particular blog when you searched for #shorinkan or #shorinkanShorinryu.   Shorinkan Shorin-ryu is an association that like minded Martial art dojos that all train in Shorin-ryu Karate as taught by Sensei Shugoro Nakazato. For additional information about Shori...

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